2018 | Anthony Greaney, Somerville, MA, "Just what is it that makes today's [art] so different, so appealing?" (after Richard Hamilton, 1956)

          Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA, 1988-2018

2016 | Gallery Kayafas, An Occasional Address to the Culture-Industrial Complex

2014 | Gallery Kayafas, more work

2013 | Ars Libri, Boston, MA, that was now, this is then, organized by Mario Diacono

2010 | Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, think about something else

2008 | Ars Libri, Boston, MA, after a fashion, organized by Mario Diacono

2007 | Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, rethought

2003 | Sikkema Jenkins, New York, NY

1999 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA, The Sacred Affliction

           Elias Fine Art, Boston, MA, Inverse

1994 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA, In the Name of God and Country

          Clark University Art Gallery, Worcester, MA

1991 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA

1990 | Brent Sikkema, New York, NY

1988 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA

1986 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA



2018 | Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA, June 8 - July 28, TREES

2015 | Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA, June 8-12, No Shake, Not Here ...

           Mills Gallery at BCA, Boston, MA, April 17-18, YEAH, YOU MISSED IT!

           both organized by Robert Moeller       

2013 | Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, Visible Merge, with John Stezaker

2012 | Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, Blues

           Barbara Krakow Gallery, PAR PAR SET

2010 | Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, Head On

           Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, In On Under Above and With

2009 | DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA, Face to Face: challenging traditional portraiture

2008 | Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, Free Reign

2007 | MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA, Painted Visions

           Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA, Hector’s Choice

2006 | Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA, Nominally Figured: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art,

           curated by Linda Norden

2005 | Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, Summer Group Show

2002 | MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, Influence, Anxiety and Gratitude, curated by Bill Arning

           DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA, Painting in Boston: 1950-2000

           DeCordova Collects, Recent Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection

2001 | Brent Sikkema, New York, NY, Summer 2001

2000 | Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, Evidence

           Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA, Face-Off, curated by Denise Markonish

           DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA, 2000 DeCordova Annual Exhibition

           Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, Former Fellows 1968-1984

           Elias Fine Art, Boston, MA, Look Back / Look Forward

1996 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA, The Material of Shadows

1993 | Provincetown Art Association, Provincetown, MA, Fine Arts Work Center 25th Anniversary Invitational

1992 | Akin Gallery, Boston, MA, Salon

           Gallery NAGA, Boston, MA

1991 | Brent Sikkema Fine Arts, New York, NY, with Richard Pettibone

1990 | Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA, 6th Triennial Exhibition

1989 | Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA, Likenesses, curated by Francine Koslow

           Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, Reproduction, curated by Kathy Halbreich and Trevor Fairbrother

           Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA, Painting / Object / Photograph

           Northeastern University, Boston, MA, Beyond Family of Man, curated by Brent Sikkema

1988 | Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, Boston Now: Works on Paper

1987 | Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA Expressive Systems / Eloquent Voices

1986 | Mario Diacono, Boston, MA

1985 | Duke University Art Museum, Durham, NC, Duke x 9

           Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, Boston Now

1982 | Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, Boston Now: Figuration

           Tufts University, Medford, MA, Gallery 11

1981 | Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA, Art of the State

1979 | 96 Grand Street, New York, NY, Between Thought and Language, curated by Silvia Kolbowski